Reading Group: Exploits

On June 7th, Quiver considers the topic of “Exploits.”

How should we respond to what we oppose? Quiver considers the technical dimension of what is intolerable about the world, and how to locate vulnerabilities within it.

The first reading is from a book that sets out to imagine radical politics after Deleuze’s suggestion that power has become networked – Alexander R. Galloway and Eugene Thacker’s “The Exploit.” Their book maps a world where even the oppressor has extensive networks at their disposal and looks for tactics for exploiting it.

Our second reading pushes on the boundaries of technical analysis. In Simone Browne’s “Racializing Surveillance” from Dark Matters, we are provided a material history of surveillance technologies that existed far before computation and security caermas. Were not the overseers of plantations, actuarial accounts of chattle slavery, and the census technologies of surveillance?

Our hope is that readers will  consider how technology is social before it is technical, leading them to pull at the threads of technology to find even longer tangled histories.

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