Reading Group: Conspiracy

On May 24th, Quiver continues with a discussion of “conspiracy.”

In our disenchanted present, politicians boast about having the courage to speak truth while their opponents merely spread conspiracy.

Quiver holds none of these pretentions. Its interests lie with myths, fictions, and conspiracies – not that they are all taken as good, but rather, as the raw material of aesthetics, practices, worlds, and lives to which we find ourselves inseparably connected.

The first reading visits the anti-fascist use of ritual that went under the sign Acéphale, by way of the text “The Sacred Conspiracy” by Georges Bataille. Those interested in the topic may enjoy reading more from the book by the same name that collects many of the documents from the group.

The second reading is Laura Riding’s “The Myth” from Anarchism is Not Enough. In it, she wonders how much of life is tied to a grand Myth. Why do people dedicate their lives to defending society, religion, or other social systems? How do some come to question such Myth? And why?

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